Our family grows mostly Pigato grapes. It is a biotype of Vermentino, which has developed such unique, unreproducible characteristics in the Albenga and Arroscia Valley area that it is considered to be a distinct grape variety.

Our vineyards grow along the typical Ligurian terraced hillsides with stone walls, scattered across the hills of Ortovero and Ranzo, a well-known Pigato winegrowing area.

The microclimate is Mediterranean, dry and windy, with the sea and its endless horizon on one side and the Ligurian Alps, greenery, light and silence on the other. The vineyards grow in harmony with olive trees, oaks, holm-oaks and Mediterranean scrub. The landscape is wild, the roads steep and full of bends, the clouds moving fast across the sky. Surrounded by such a magnificent scenery, we practice natural farming methods, without using weedkillers nor systemic or synthetic products. We respect the soil, keep it alive and the vineyards in harmony with the surrounding plants and insects. The land moulds our wines.

In the area around Ortovero, the soil is loose and rocky, owing to the separation of groups of sedimentary rocks. That is where, in addition to Pigato, we grow Granaccia, Rossese and Syrah grapes, as well as, but to a lesser extent, other red grape varieties. The wines are savoury and lively.

The vineyards above Pogli di Ortovero, which are completely surrounded by woods, grow on calcareous rocky and blue clayey soils dating back to the Pliocene, rich in micro and macro fossil fauna.
Here, the Pigato wine is pure and mineral.

Above Ranzo the land changes, the clayey soil is less firm, tinged red with iron and manganese oxides, the vineyards are over fifty years old.
The wine gains depth and richness.

Campagna Finanziata ai sensi del Regolamento CE N. 1308 / 13

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